4 Free Sheltie Puppy Training Videos

In the free Sheltie puppy training videos Inch demonstraites, 4 commands; down, shaking a paw, turning/spinning and cross paws.

Sheltie training can begin immediately. We are often asked for the key to Shetland Sheepdog training and there are three main elements: Continue reading 4 Free Sheltie Puppy Training Videos

7 Practical Sheltie Training Tips

Sheltie training doesn’t need to be a chore because these loyal pooches are smart and eager to please.  All they require is the right guidance and direction, something that you can easily provide either with the help of a professional trainer or by learning techniques for at-home instruction. 

That being said, the following are some tips you should keep in mind when engaging in any type of sheltie training, regardless of the method:

Tip 1 – Teach them young.  The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is certainly inaccurate because dogs can learn at any age.  That said, once a canine has developed behaviors it can become difficult to break any habit you find unacceptable.  Therefore, it is best to Continue reading 7 Practical Sheltie Training Tips

More Shetland Sheepdog Training Tips

Shetland sheepdog training can be a lot of fun because these pooches love to learn and are very energetic.   Therefore, once you are done teaching basic obedience commands, you might want to consider other fun activities you can teach your sheltie, such as herding.

Why make herding part of shetland sheepdog training?  This is a great sport for your canine to learn because they were bred to be a herder and naturally have this instinct.  In fact, it is an important part of their personality and this is likely something you learned about when you chose to make this four-legged wonder your pet.   You might have even glimpsed their instinctual nature on occasion if they have tried to group children or other animals together. 

If you decide that you would like to improve upon your sheltie’s natural instincts you can achieve this with Continue reading More Shetland Sheepdog Training Tips

Sheltie Training Video

Sheltie training should be fun. A little training every day is much better than long sessions every now and then.

Here we have Bailey enjoying showing off his Sheltie training skills. You can tell he is loving every moment by his enthusiasm and barking… Continue reading Sheltie Training Video

Shetland Sheepdog Training Video

We have helped with Shetland sheepdog training all over the world.

Here LeLe shows off her tricks. After the basic Sheltie training obedience commands (sit, stay, come, wait, down, etc) have been learned it is fun to teach more andvanced tricks. Continue reading Shetland Sheepdog Training Video

How To Choose A Shetland Sheepdog

You need to get to know a shetland sheepdog before you decide that this is the breed for you.   Just because they are small dogs doesn’t mean they behave like other little canines, have the same instincts, traits or grooming requirements.  You can never make any assumptions about the pooch you want to make your pet.  You need to research and find out all that you can or else you risk making the wrong choice that has a disastrous outcome for you and the animal.

To get you started on your path of discovery, the following are some things you should know about your potential shetland sheepdog: Continue reading How To Choose A Shetland Sheepdog

5 Reasons Sheltie Dogs Must Be Taken To The Vet

If you are a first time owner of sheltie dogs you may be wondering – how often should I take my pooch for vet visits?  To be perfectly honest, there really isn’t a specific answer that can be given for this question.  The reason being is that the number of times you visit a veterinarian really depends on your pet and his health.

Nevertheless, to give you a better idea as to when you should take your pooch to his health care provider, the following is a typical example of the frequency average sheltie dogs visit their animal doctor:

•    When you first bring your pup or adopted adult doggie home.  Take him within the first 48 hours or the earliest available appointment.  This is vital because he needs to be physically checked for disease, parasites or any other possible problems.    At this time he will receive any vaccinations he may require.  You should also consult your vet about the dietary, exercise and grooming needs your pal will need if you haven’t already received this info from the breeder, rescue worker, etc. from whom you obtained the poochie.  Note: you may also be required to schedule other appointments if you have a puppy, as he will need to be administered the remaining vaccines he requires for his first year.

•    Annual wellness examination.  The yearly physical exam is when your sheltie dogs body is thoroughly checked to ensure he is completely healthy.   Thus, this check-up is necessary regardless if he is well or not.  At this appointment he will likely be given vaccines he requires, and is weighed.   Note:  Senior sheepdog’s will need to have two wellness examinations per year.

•    Heartworm test.  This may be a separate visit if your sheltie’s physical checkup doesn’t line up with the month that preventative medication needs to start.

•    Your shetland becomes sick or is injured.  Any time your pet becomes physically hurt, you notice that they are not quite themselves or they seem to be suffering what appear to be side effects, have them examined by the veterinarian.

One final thought you should bear in mind is that you need to know where the nearest 24-hour emergency animal clinic is located in the event that your vet’s office doesn’t offer this service.  After all, you never know when sheltie dogs need medical care, so if it ever occurs on a holiday or after hours, you will know where you can go to get help.

How To Keep Your Sheltie Fit And Healthy

Just like humans, your sheltie can become overweight and lethargic.  An inactive lifestyle is very unhealthy and can have many negative effects on your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing.   An obese dog is at a greater risk for skeletal stress, heart disease, cancer, canine diabetes and fatty liver disease to name a few.

How can I tell if my sheltie is overweight?  Three tell-tale signs include:

1.    You can’t feel his ribs.
2.    They have a sagging belly or there is no longer a slightly defined tuck in their tummy region.
3.    Your companion has difficulty breathing after minimal exercise.

The good news is Continue reading How To Keep Your Sheltie Fit And Healthy

Sheltie Grooming Coat Care

Sheltie grooming is one of the mandatory requirements of owning this breed because their long coats require regular maintenance in order to stay clean, shiny and free of mats.  A shetland sheepdog that has an unhealthy coat full of dead hairs, dirt and knots will be affected by the poor condition of their fur.  This cannot only make them unhappy but it can also lead to physical problems, such as skin infections.  Thus, hair brushing, trimming and washing are all necessary to ensure their health and happiness.

The following is what you need to know regarding sheltie grooming involving their coat: Continue reading Sheltie Grooming Coat Care

Choosing Sheltie Breeders That Know About Their Dogs

Sheltie breeders that breed dogs for good reasons, such as to improve the line of the purebred and because they generally love the animal and want them to be the best they can be, are the only shetland sheepdog breeders you should deal with.  You should never consider obtaining a sheltie puppy from any other source because there is no guarantee that these canines are physically and mentally healthy.

It is imperative that you find out if the person you are considering purchasing from is a legitimate breeder and not sheltie breeders who are simply in the business for the money, such as those who run puppy mills.  This is a Continue reading Choosing Sheltie Breeders That Know About Their Dogs